The Ski-ence of Happiness

Last spring I signed up to take an online course called The Science of Happiness. The course started in September and ran through November—timely for a native Californian with a propensity towards Seasonal Affective Disorder heading into a New England winter. Not surprisingly the course comes out of U.C. Berkeley, where contemplating the neurobiological and evolutionary roots of happiness over steaming cups of chai is, like, totally legit. What really hooked me on taking the … » read more

Team pic

Same team! Same team!

Three cheers for teammates, the friends who never leave really leave you. ‘Tis the season of giving thanks for all that we have. ‘Tis also the beginning of ski season. To honor both of those things, I want to give a shout-out to a gift that has lasted me a lifetime—the gift of a team. That may sound odd coming from someone who spent her formative years immersed in an individual sport, battling daily for … » read more

Doping 101: Teachable Moments in Lance Armstrong’s Biggest Crash

It was a typical evening scene in our house. My husband and I were chatting about current events lite—weather, gas prices, potential carpet colors—while my youngest son was ensconced in a project at the kitchen table, paying us little to no attention. That is, until the conversation turned to Tyler Hamilton’s newly released book, The Secret Race, and Lance Armstrong’s demise. From his seat at the table my son suddenly engaged into our discussion. “You … » read more