Training Wheels

Goooooooooooooal! Oh yeah. We’re into World Cup soccer now, and as long as everyone is yelling, screaming and vuvuzela-ing about goals, it’s a good time to talk about them. I know…YAWN. So let’s ease in to this by talking about summer camps. My kids’ favorite camp of all time is Eliteam, put on by Doug and Kelley Lewis. As a parent it’s been my favorite camp too, because it has put my kids through Basic … » read more

Pole Plants don’t take summer vacations

  This just in…pole plants are back. If you didn’t believe me in Once Upon a Pole Plant then just look at What Sasha Rearick had to say from the USST men’s training camp in Mt. Hood: “The pole plant was something that was emphasized a couple years ago, and we are going better with that. More kids know how to pole plant. Not everybody, but we’re making progress there,” noted Rearick. “But we need … » read more