That’s the Spirit!

In case you missed it, Robby Kelley showed the world what’s he’s made of this week. The Cochran Clan, Vermonter, Redneck Racer, Catamount, US Ski Teamer when it suits him, ski racer to the core was on his way to a breakthrough World Cup finish in Schladming. Making it to the second run in a World Cup slalom is a minor miracle. Making it down both runs full tilt is divine. Kelley was almost there. … » read more

Girl Power, Part Deux

Last week I talked about Girls Power Camp. This week, as promised, we’re getting into the goods, with advice straight from some of the World’s best skiers. Before delving into that though, I wanted to bring it back to the grass roots. I had a chance to catch up with a couple of girls who went to the camp—one on each end of the age spectrum— and heard what the camp did for them. Lucy … » read more

Girl Power, Part One

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on the ELITEAM Girls Power Camp. Why? Because the more I learned about this camp, the more I realized that this is the stuff I wish I knew as a teenager of the sporty persuasion. Part 1 is about what the camp involves and how it came into being. Part 2 goes into the goods, with direct advice to girls from World Cup athletes as well as … » read more