The Best of the Worst

So, this article went to Ski Racing and I think it ended up on their website. For anyone who ever wondered “what happened?” in ’88, here’s at least part of the answer. The Best of the Worst Here’s a safe prediction: The US Ski Team will like Vancouver better than Calgary. By Edie Thys Morgan My claim to fame, should I ever be desperate enough to want one, is that I was the best US … » read more

T-shirt update

So, that t-shirt I was talking about in the last post? It made prime time last Saturday at the end of that USST promo film (Truth in Motion I think?). It was Tommy Ford signing it for the kids. Guess what young gun made the Oly team? Yep. And he was our first autograph. Of course, my back made the film for a half second which was truly exciting.