Eating for Excellence: Cooking with Anna Marno

Together at Last! I have a double blog life, with racerex and my food blog Bring It! Sometimes—pretty often actually— food and skiing bump up against each other. They’re going to collide a lot more for me now that I’ve met Anna Marno. Anna is on the US C Team (read her bio here) and for the second year has earned a World Cup start position. In the old days that meant she would have … » read more

Eliteam Dance

Long Road Resources

Today was one of my favorite rites of summer—Eliteam pick up at GMVS. This was my last year to be picking up an actual camper. Boo! But the beginning of counselorhood. Yay! What Doug Lewis does with these kids is pure magic. If you get a chance scroll through the photos in the camp photo gallery to get a peek at all they do in a typical day. This year I gave a little talk … » read more