Maintenance Matters

I recently wrote this Racer Next column for Ski Racing, on the importance of adhering to some kind of in-season maintenance program. I did not, however, provide any specific program. This is in part because my own personal maintenance program—though darned good for middle-aged women with past-prime joints and cartilage in search of sanity during a New England winter—has zero relevance to young ski racers. And in part because to my own kids, a maintenance … » read more

Hermannator 1, Part Deux

I recently wrote this Racer Next Column for Ski Racing on Hermann Göllner. Before embarking on it I knew I’d feel incomplete trying to capture the Gestalt of Hermann in one piece. Two pieces is barely better, but at least this fills in some details, namely the two things I had always wondered about: what brought Hermann to the States from the Alps that seem to reside in his bones; and how does anyone get … » read more