People Slalom

One of the first things you learn when coaching young kids is the art of the People Slalom. Essentially it’s a DIY slalom course using people as gates in a somewhat orderly, snakelike procession down the hill. For kids just learning the game, a comparative grown-up goes first, marking an x where each person should stop. As kids gain experience and (one hopes) maturity, they can place themselves, making people slalom into a self-perpetuating run … » read more

The Long Road, en français

Well Happy March to you! Assuming that you have already awoken and said “Rabbit rabbit” into the mirror,  parents of ski racers have one more task. It is the annual tradition of reading The Long Road, to keep blood pressure in check during the upcoming weeks. This year, in addition to reposting the piece, I am including a French lesson. This comes in the form of excerpts from a fine book my sister recently unearthed, … » read more