The $80,000 Hot Dog: A Complicated Love Story

For a moment at least, ski racing season is over. With the end of this season our family officially moves beyond children’s racing, and into the FIS zone. It’s a little bit of many things: scary, exciting, sad. It’s sad in part because this time of year—when the mad skiing scramble that consumes every bit of our spare time abruptly ends— always leaves me feeling a bit empty and, in every respect, spent. But, this … » read more

Stay Classy, Ski Racing Women

What if US Skiing gave women the college try? The Dartmouth Carnival is around the corner, and it marks the heart of the carnival season. It’s always an inspiration to see such a high-level ski competition up close. It wasn’t long ago that guys like David Chodounsky, Jonathan Nordbotton and Robby Kelley—all of whom will be racing in the upcoming World Championships in St Moritz—were dicing turns at the Dartmouth Skiway vying for their respective … » read more