3,2,1…Know Before You Go

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This message is short and sweet. We’re all psyched for ski season. Lots of the country is already covered in white, and whoever hasn’t yet gotten on snow is bursting with excitement for those first turns. Before you and your favorite people hit the slopes, please, please, please take a moment to learn about avalanche safety. It’s never been easier to get the info that can save your life. Here’s where to start:

Watch “Off Piste” the 14-minute video just released by the BRASS Foundation about the avalanche that took the lives of Bryce Astle and Ronnie Berlack. Be aware that it’s powerful, personal and graphic.

If you’re not able or ready to watch the video, read this article just up in Ski Racing, and “That Could Be Me” to learn more about the efforts of BRASS and the many resources available for Snow Safety Education.

Understand the Know Before You Go basics and commit them to memory. Here’s the cheat sheet:

  • Get the Gear
  • Get the Forecast
  • Get the Training
  • Get the Picture
  • Get out of Harm’s Way

And if you happen to be in the Tahoe area tonight, go to Granite Chief Ski Shop for “Brat’s, Beers, and Airbags”, a fun and informative evening benefiting the Sierra Avalanche Center. Tell your friends, bring your friends, and when you hear about education sessions near you, share the love.

Put safety first, to make the fun last. Let’s do this!





2 thoughts on “3,2,1…Know Before You Go”

  1. Great Job Edie!!!
    Your da Bomb, spreading the message,
    Always leading by example.

    Safety is #1.
    Knowledge is power!!

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