The Long Road Rolls On

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Today marks seven year’s since I first put The Long Road out there, and I can assure you the message has never felt more real. If you are new to “championship season” welcome to the show! And now, relax–you’re in for a long ride. If you’ve been at this a while, you well know the vagaries of ski racing–the highs and lows, the ruts and droughts. BUT, you also know the priceless upsides. You can look around at a ski race and see the friendships you and your kids have made, as well as the physical and mental resilience they have naturally developed like layers of frozen tundra.

Ski racing is a pretty good gig even on it’s bad days, and on it’s good days, there is nothing better. And speaking of days, this has been a long one. While it’s still March 1 I’m going to wrap this baby up and send the 2019 edition of The Long Road out there. Good luck to all this weekend and this month. It’ll be a busy one!

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