Ever Steady: Honoring Dr. Steadman

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Slalom Day in Lake Placid. Courtesy of John McMurtry

Anyone from my era of ski racing, and for quite a few years before and after, knows what Dr. Steadman meant to ski racing. He not only put us back together, but he did so with a calmness and compassion that allowed your broken self to truly envision a full recovery.  He went on to share his skill and quiet magic not only with superstar athletes from all sports, but also with the sports and medical community, helping the masses of average Joe’s and Josie’s to live fun, active, outdoor lives…the kind of lives that bring joy and adventure.

The following letter goes out to everyone who has benefited from Dr. Steadman’s genius and generosity. Sure, it’s a plea for cash to fund a beautiful and enduring tribute to him, but it is also an invitation to show your gratitude in whatever way you can. Stop by “Thank you Dr. Steadman” on facebook to share your own stories and pictures, or just to say, “Thanks!”


Dear ski racing friends, fans and supporters,

What words come to mind when you think of Dr. Richard Steadman? The man who rebuilt ravaged knees and pieced together impossibly shattered limbs, who saved careers that seemed doomed, who gently but firmly urged patients into action within hours of surgery, and who gave hope when none was in sight evokes many words: kind, generous, patient and humble go right alongside of talented, innovative, persistent and visionary.  His tireless passion allowed some to chase Olympic dreams to the fullest and all to live healthy active lives well past retirement. Of all the words that can be said about him, there are two very important words that must be said now:  “Thank You!”

We are so pleased to be contacting you about a beautiful and enduring way to thank and honor Dr. Steadman. Sculptor Bruce Wolfe, who has immortalized athletic greats Mario Lemieux and Arnold Palmer as well as iconic leaders Margaret Thatcher and Barbara Jordan, is artistically rendering Dr. Steadman—capturing him in his scrubs of course, as most of us knew him best. The bronze sculpture will be donated back the Steadman Phillipon Research Institute* at the Vail Valley Medical Center. It will live there as a permanent legacy to his profound influence, not only on his patients but also on all who benefited from the innovations and techniques he pioneered.

The best part is that Dr. Steadman is very excited about this project, particularly because it comes from the people he devoted his heart and his career to helping—the athletes.

The plan is to unveil and dedicate the sculpture during the 2016 Birds of Prey World Cup event (PARTY!) and we hope the ski racing community will join us in making this happen. The total cost for this piece is $100,000. We are just now reaching out to athletes of all sports and countries and have received generous checks from the likes of Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. John Elway’s is getting rifled into the end zone as you read this. All donors will be recognized in some way. Imagine how pleased Dr S will be to recognize your name on the list!

The first installment check to Bruce is due, so you will be showing your awesomeness by writing a check today. Please join us in saying “Thank You!” by giving generously, spreading the word and enlisting others to support this beautiful and enduring tribute.

Let’s do this!

With warmest regards and advance thanks for your generosity,

Andy Mill, Edie Thys Morgan, Cindy Nelson

Please have the checks made out to “Richard Steadman Sculpture Fund” account #891011077 and sent to:

Mary Ryerson
Alpine Bank Aspen
600 East Hopkins Ave. suite 001
Aspen, Colorado, 81611


2 thoughts on “Ever Steady: Honoring Dr. Steadman”

  1. Thanks for sending and allowing me the opportunity to participate!
    We will get a check in the mail this week!!

    • Wow Paul! That is awesome. Thank you so much. Honestly, Steadman’s work was truly pioneering and did so much for skiers and sports enthusiasts that may never have known his name. Thank you so much for supporting. I hope you are having a great summer!

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