The Spirit of the Season

I’m not going to sugar coat it. If you’re living in the east, this winter so far…rhymes with ducks. It’s hard for skiers to feel the joy of the season when greeted with a palette entirely composed of mixed browns. That said, these situations always provide some upside, or at least an opportunity for growth. In times like these—as in California’s dreaded winter of 76, when our ski team went for a hike deep in … » read more

Eating for Excellence: Cooking with Anna Marno

Together at Last! I have a double blog life, with racerex and my food blog Bring It! Sometimes—pretty often actually— food and skiing bump up against each other. They’re going to collide a lot more for me now that I’ve met Anna Marno. Anna is on the US C Team (read her bio here) and for the second year has earned a World Cup start position. In the old days that meant she would have … » read more

The Hot Topic of Summer Skiing

  For the past few days I’ve been stalking the Ski Racing site for a piece I have coming out. (Update: It’s up. Read it here!) It’s just some common sense advice Doug Lewis and I put together about choosing a summer ski camp, or choosing not to go to a summer ski camp. It offers thoughts on things to consider, but basically advises people to do what’s best for their own kids. I’m stalking … » read more