The Ski-ence of Happiness

Last spring I signed up to take an online course called The Science of Happiness. The course started in September and ran through November—timely for a native Californian with a propensity towards Seasonal Affective Disorder heading into a New England winter. Not surprisingly the course comes out of U.C. Berkeley, where contemplating the neurobiological and evolutionary roots of happiness over steaming cups of chai is, like, totally legit. What really hooked me on taking the … » read more

Training Wheels

Goooooooooooooal! Oh yeah. We’re into World Cup soccer now, and as long as everyone is yelling, screaming and vuvuzela-ing about goals, it’s a good time to talk about them. I know…YAWN. So let’s ease in to this by talking about summer camps. My kids’ favorite camp of all time is Eliteam, put on by Doug and Kelley Lewis. As a parent it’s been my favorite camp too, because it has put my kids through Basic … » read more

Pole Plants don’t take summer vacations

  This just in…pole plants are back. If you didn’t believe me in Once Upon a Pole Plant then just look at What Sasha Rearick had to say from the USST men’s training camp in Mt. Hood: “The pole plant was something that was emphasized a couple years ago, and we are going better with that. More kids know how to pole plant. Not everybody, but we’re making progress there,” noted Rearick. “But we need … » read more

Spring Training

Consider all the time invested in getting to this point, to the peak of your abilities, and capitalize on that strong foundation now that the going is easy. Skill development, especially at a young age is all about volume and repetition, and, most importantly, fun. In springtime it’s all here for the taking.

Dear Ski Racer Dad, or Mom

Every year on or before March 1, when the high emotional stakes of Championship season are upon us, I roll out the “Long Road” speech. It already started making the rounds from other sources this year, but for any who missed it and need a little perspective heading into the March Madness of Championship season, check it out. This year’s update comes in the form of a letter, inspired by the following incident along with … » read more

Gold Mine

This following piece  appeared in Racer Next, in Ski Racing’s Issue 8, 2014. Here is the amateur version. When people ask me about favorite memories from my ski racing career, the first thing that usually pops into my mind is the Opening Ceremonies at the Calgary Olympics. It was my first time on such a grand stage. I was wide-eyed and overwhelmed and despite the itchy wool skirt and sub-zero temperatures, thrilled beyond words. There … » read more